Hospitality design project creates temporary installations


By Natali Ashigova

For a few hours on an afternoon in mid-February, hospitality installations filled the second floor gallery in Vol Walker Hall. The projects in this temporary display were created by 17 interior design students in the Fay Jones School, who were presenting their works as part of a hospitality design project conducted by Jennifer Webb, an associate professor of interior design.

Students were inspired by everyday events in hotel settings, and each student explored the activities, feelings and senses evoked by these activities, Webb said.

“Whether it is a bad night sleep on a bed that is too hard; it’s a hug from someone you have been waiting to see for years; it’s packing a suitcase that won’t close or that springs open when you want to zip it; it’s dancing at a special occasion,” Webb said. “We have students that wanted to explore affairs, physical intimacy between partners, aspects of falling in love.”

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